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How to take care of dry skin?

How to care for dry skin without damaging it further? If you suffer from dry skin, you have of course asked yourself this question. By nourishing your skin of course. But not only that. Taking care of your dry skin is based on a number of beauty practices. Make-up removal, cleansing, moisturizing and daily care... We tell you everything.

Dry skin care: gentle cleansing

 Dry skin feels tight, flaky and uncomfortable. Sometimes it itches. Your first objective will therefore be to avoid making the situation worse and to avoid damaging the hydrolipidic film when washing. To do this, you need to have the right habits:

  • Avoid harsh soaps or shower gels. Choose cakes or ultra-rich gels, enriched with protective and hydrating agents;
  • Water that is too hot is harmful. A temperature of between 32 and 34°C is preferable;
  • Take short showers. Water is often hard and attacks the epidermis;
  • Gently pat it dry, not rubbing.

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Dry skincare: the “emollient” option

 Do you know emollients? They are skincare that gives the skin the components of natural moisture. They restore suppleness to the skin.

If your skin is moderately (to severely) dry, apply your emollient after the shower. It spreads more easily over slightly damp skin. Warm it in your hands, then dot it all over your body. Gently press in with the entire surface of your hand. 

Naturally, avoid rubbing as you don’t irritate your skin. It will quickly become softer, hydrated and protected. Not to mention its barrier function, which will also be restored.

A little tip: if your skin is very dry, use a Cold Cream - particularly nourishing, protective and softening - as a treatment for a few days, preferably in the evening.


As my skin changes according to the season, in the summer I prefer light moisturizers and in the winter I prefer richer creams.


Skincare: vitamin-based

Choosing the right nutrients is also important for healthy skin. Choose the best skincare products and foods, which are rich in:

  • Vitamin C. It also helps fight free radicals (originating oxidative stress). It also plays an essential role in the synthesis of collagen. With a good supply of ascorbic acid (its scientific name), your complexion will be more radiant. On the skincare side, you will find them in serums that will enhance the effect of your day cream. When it comes to food, turn to kiwis or blackcurrants;
  • Vitamin EIs an antioxidant and protects skin daily. Again, use serums. On the plate, you can find them in vegetable oils or almonds.

Never forget to remove your make-up

Makeup removal is an essential step in your skincare routine. It's all about caring for your skin every day for beautiful, glowing skin!

Use cleansing milk

Forget cotton, it’s often too rough and aggressive. Apply the cleansing milk using fingertips in circular movements. This will help to eliminate the impurities that have built up during the day. Then remove excess with a reusable wipe or cotton pad.

For added softness

To perfect your make-up removal and bring a little more softness to your skin, moisten your washable cotton pad with Avène thermal spring water. This simple operation is enough to reinforce the refreshing effect of the cleansing milk.

How to nourish dry skin? 

Cleanse your skin. Protect it. The last step is to nourish it. To do this, choose a nourishing care product that you apply morning and evening after spraying your Thermal Spring Water. The effects of the night will complement those of the day.

Top tip: In winter, when skin is drier, go for rich textures. In the summer, turn to light textures.

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