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Why moisturize your skin?

At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish dehydrated skin from dry skin. However, each one has specific needs and the right care for it. Focus on dehydrated skin.

av_peau-seche-deshydratee_schema_peau-jeune_peau-vieille_1x1 472x472 A: Dry skin - B: Normal skin 1- Hypodermis 2- Dermis 3 - Epidermis 4- Corneal layer

Why does the skin get dehydrated?

About 70% of our skin is made up of water, of which a small part, about 10%, is concentrated in its most superficial layer: the horny layer. Together with the hydrolipidic film, it ensures the skin's barrier function. But when it lacks water, this protection is impaired and the insensible water loss increases. This means that water evaporates more easily. The skin becomes more fragile and less supple.

The cause: external factors such as wind and cold, heating, unsuitable cosmetic products, shaving, etc. But also internal factors such as skin ageing and hormonal variations. 

The ideal skin care product for dehydrated skin must therefore combine both water - for hydration - and lipids - to restore the barrier function of the hydrolipidic film and limit water evaporation.

How to distinguish dry skin from dehydrated skin?


I didn’t understand why my skin absorbed foundation until a beauty therapist could explain to me that it was just dehydrated.

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What does dehydrated skin look like?

Dull, rough and tight skin, fine lines at the corner of the eyes, make-up that does not hold and causes streaks to appear on the cheeks, around the eyes or around the mouth, less elastic skin that seems to age prematurely... These are some of the signs that indicate that your skin is dehydrated. These characteristics are the same for all dehydrated skin types, whether oily, normal, combination or dry. 

Because yes, you can have oily, dehydrated skin at the same time. But if your skin is constantly oily (your skin type) it is only decreased. Luckily, it’s possible to improve the comfort of your skin as long as you choose the right products.

How to care for dehydrated skin?

Moisturize the face... and the body!

It is not only the skin on the face that is affected by dehydration. So is the body, especially in winter.

Well moisturized legs and hands

Your legs are not spared from dehydration, and you certainly know this if you wear tights: in winter, your legs can look like "crocodile skin". Your hands can also suffer from the effects of cold and repeated washing with soap or hydroalcoholic gel. Either way, moisturize as often as possible!

For super soft lips!

The skin on the lips, free of hydrolipidic film and five times thinner than that of the face, is particularly exposed to the risk of dehydration, especially in cold weather. To avoid the appearance of chapped lips that are as unsightly as they are painful, use your moisturizing lip stick or balm over and over again.


How do I properly moisturize my body?


Hydration the shower!

A shower gel that is too aggressive and water that is a little too hard: this is the winning combination for dehydrated skin on the body and face after a shower, resulting in redness and tightness. This effect can be further enhanced by the drying effect of heating.

To remedy this, we adopt gentle, soap-free cleansing products that act both to moisturize the skin and restore the skin barrier. After showering, apply moisturizing skincare products with a fluid, non-sticky, non-greasy texture specially formulated for dehydrated skin. And for the face, choose moisturizers tailored to your skin type.

How to moisturize your face

Best practices for hydrating your skin

Best practices for hydrating your skin

A little trick to reinforce the hydration of your skin: generously spray Thermal Spring Water with soothing properties on your skin, massage with your fingertips and absorb the excess with a reusable cotton pad. Then apply your treatment quickly, in order to block the evaporation of the thermal water.

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