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How to live with acne in your daily life

Acne poses many questions in everyday life. How do I get rid of it? Should I not wear make-up? Should I change my diet? Or (and this is very current) do face coverings encourage breakouts? Here are our expert answers to your legitimate questions.

Acne do’s and don'ts

Acne do’s and don'ts

To get rid of acne, everyone has their own little tip or their grandmother's remedy. But beware of all these false "good ideas". Yes, cleansing your skin is essential, but don't confuse "cleansing" with "stripping". Yes, popping your pimples is tempting, but you'll only make the inflammation worse. Here are the top habits to adopt, and those to avoid.

Good and bad habits

I've been living with acne for 12 years... Obviously, to hide my misery, I wear make-up and fortunately I've found this solution because I'm in contact with customers every day. I don't dare show up with pimples... even if it would save me time in the morning!

Coline, 26 years old

Acne: it's possible to wear make-up every day

If you rely on make-up to help you cover up some of your blemishes, good news: it's entirely possible. It's even a good idea. As long as you respect two elements: choosing the right products (non-comedogenic) and adopting the right habits (like careful make-up removal every night). We’re here to explain everything to you.

Make-up for acne-prone skin

Adjust your diet

Adjust your diet

The evolution of your acne also depends on what you eat. Here again, there are many preconceived ideas on the subject. Does junk food make pimples appear? In principle, too much fat is not a factor that aggravates acne. On the other hand, fast sugars with a high glycaemic index would be involved in the appearance and persistence of acne. So candies and sweets should be avoided! On the other hand, burger buns and chips (which contain hidden sugars) should be eaten in moderation.

Lifestyle tips for living with acne
To fight acne, get moving!

To fight acne, get moving!

There is no secret. To feel better about yourself, it’s important to gain peace of mind. In this case, exercise can become your best friend! Getting your body moving helps to get rid of fatigue, cleanse and detoxify the skin and the body, and give you an immediate glow. And don't forget to drink water: the skin is also hydrated and regenerated from within.

Lifestyle tips for living with acne


You've probably noticed that in the summer, the sun gives you beautiful skin and reduces the signs of acne. This phenomenon doesn't last, however, because once your holiday is over, your acne starts up again. This is known as the "rebound effect". To protect yourself, always protect yourself from the sun with an SPF index of 50.

The effects of the sun on acne-prone skin

Acne in the time of COVID-19

Acne in the time of COVID-19

Have you heard of maskne? This is the neologism used to describe acne linked to wearing a mask. This mask can somehow "suffocate" the skin, making it more susceptible to breakouts. Our advice: continue your skin care routine, morning and night. And be sure to wear a clean mask every day, as it can become saturated with cosmetics and creams, which will make it more irritating and comedogenic. As for what type of mask to wear, there is no hard and fast rule. To find out which one is best for you, try each mask for a few days...

Mask wearing and acne

Our answers to your questions

To sort the true from the false: that's what we're here for.

Yes. Sweat, when it’s in contact with the skin for too long, encourages the development of bacteria that can cause pimples or blackheads. This is why, after a sports session, go straight to the shower and remember to clean your face with a suitable skin care product.

This is false. Even if you have to be gentle. Choose gel rather than foam because it grips the hair better, making shaving easier. This way you avoid cutting yourself or scratching your pimples. Run your razor in the direction of the hair, gently and without pressure. And of course, don't use an alcohol-based aftershave!

True. The risk of developing acne is 1.4 times greater when our sleep is disturbed and we wake up tired. This is often a sign of physical and/or psychological stress. It’s therefore essential to get a good night's sleep. And this means first of all reducing or even eliminating screens in the evening...

Our solutions for taking care of your acne-prone skin

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A small miracle for my skin. It helps a lot to reduce my imperfections. In two months, it has really helped! Can't wait to see the result in a few more months and hope that it will make them disappear for good.

Margot, 26 years old

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