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Lifestyle tips for living with acne

Depending on the severity of your acne, the treatment may take more or less time. While waiting for your skin to improve, you can try to adopt new habits that will benefit both your skin and your morale. Follow the guide!


Reduce stress

Acne is often linked to a combination of factors. Firstly, hormones: these are what cause the first appearance of acne in adolescence. They encourage the secretion of sebum and the appearance of pimples (which affects 80% of teenagers!)* on the face, back, neckline and shoulders... 

Other elements can also explain acne: heredity (were your parents affected?), but also lifestyle. Stress, for example, can increase sebum production. We've all noticed it on the eve of an exam or a date: it's always at the worst possible moment that a pimple appears!

So how can we reduce the stress that causes acne breakouts? If only we had a miracle recipe... Why not start by practising activities that promote relaxation and emotional regulation, such as yoga, sophrology or meditation? Their different breathing methods chase away stress and improve the oxygenation of the body, and therefore of the skin. Your face benefits: your complexion is fresher and brighter, the appearance of acne is reduced.


Regular exercise can also help with your acne treatment. With exercise, as with any treatment, the results will not be immediate, so you have to persevere!

Joris Palomé, athletic trainer

Move more, sleep better

If you prefer football or running to relaxation, that's fine too! Getting your body moving has only advantages: it stimulates the production of a cocktail of pleasure hormones (notably endorphins) which has a positive effect on stress. 

Physical activity also boosts blood circulation, which makes you look better: perfect for self-confidence! Especially if you follow a few simple rules. For example, it's best to clean your skin before and just after your session to prevent make-up or simply sebum – added to perspiration – from accumulating in the pores, blocking them and causing acne. And if the activity takes place outside, sun cream should be applied (remember: the sun is acne's best false friend). 

At a rate of two or three sessions per week, exercise will finally encourage sleep, one of the best allies of healthy skin.

The effects of the sun on acne



Eat a varied and balanced diet

There is no such thing as an anti-acne diet, but a few simple rules can be followed to avoid aggravating the condition.

Foods to watch out for

There are many preconceived ideas about foods that promote acne. We now know a little more about the foods that really play a role: these are mainly foods with a high glycaemic index; in other words, foods rich in sugar. Sweets, sodas, spreads and chocolate bars of course, but also chips, burger buns, etc. You can eat them, but in moderation.

Foods to be favoured, depending on the case

The less refined, cooked and processed foods are, the better they are for your body and your skin, provided you choose a varied and balanced diet that contains proteins as well as fats, fibres and carbohydrates. Eggs, meats and fatty fish, dried and fresh vegetables, whole grains and whole fruit are the foods you should be choosing.

Aggravating factors of acne


The secret to beautiful skin is also hydration. But how?

Do you have to drink litres and litres of water to get rid of acne? It's not that simple, and certainly not recommended by scientists. What is known is that your body needs to be sufficiently hydrated on a daily basis to compensate for the water lost through urine and sweat and to keep your skin healthy. This hydration is achieved by drinking water, of course, but also by consuming fruits and vegetables, as well as soups and infusions. 

Caring for acne-prone skin

The right things to do to live with acne

Playing sports to de-stress and sleep better, eating a balanced diet, remembering to stay hydrated... These habits can help you feel better about your body and your skin. The choice of products you apply to your skin is also important, as unsuitable products also encourage acne. To cleanse, moisturise, protect, purify and soothe your acne-prone skin, choose formulas that are specially designed for you.

All about the Do's and Don'ts

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