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Caring for acne-prone skin in adults

Acne is unpredictable: it may have left you alone as a teenager and then pop up for the first time as an adult. But it can just as easily reappear in your thirties as if it had never have left. In short, adult acne is as confusing as it is common, affecting at least a quarter of all women. Treating it, covering it and preventing things from becoming worse: how do you take care of adult acne-prone skin on a daily basis? We're here to explain everything.

The specific traits of adult acne-prone skin

Adult acne is more of an inflammatory type (large red pimples with or without a white head) and is mainly located on the chin, jawline and upper neck. If the acne is not treated, these sometimes deep lesions are likely to leave scars.

Another difference with teenage acne is that with age, the skin becomes thinner and produces less sebum. It’s most often combination, i.e. oily on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and dry everywhere else. It is also more sensitive and reactive. The choice of products is therefore important for the daily care routine of adult acne-prone skin. Especially if you’re also being treated by a dermatologist. It’s important to know that some acne treatments can dry out the skin.

The more I switched up products to try and dry out my pimples, the more irritated my skin became with increasingly red pimples. Since I've been using women's acne products and not changing them, my pimples are disappearing day by day.


Caring for adult acne-prone skin

Here are some tips for a daily skincare routine for adult acne-prone skin.


1. Cleanse adult acne-prone skin

There are several options for gently removing impurities and make-up. For example, micellar water for blemish-prone skin can be applied gently with a cotton pad and does not need to be rinsed off. If your skin is dried out by certain treatments, choose a gentle cleansing cream formulated for sensitive and acne-prone skin: it will strengthen and protect the skin barrier. In all cases, finish with a spray of thermal spring water to soothe acne lesions.

2. Moisturise adult acne-prone skin

To eliminate your pimples, think serum! These active ingredient concentrates are real effectiveness boosters, which perfectly target your imperfections. Reducing excess sebum, tightening pores, smoothing the skin texture and even reducing residual marks: some products are capable of doing everything! Apply the serum with your fingertips and don't stop there: as it’s also essential to moisturise your skin, finish off with a protective, moisturising and complexion-evening day cream for blemish-prone skin, and in the evening, a smoothing care product to refine the pores and reduce residual marks.


Good and bad gestures


Thermal Spring Water, the ally against acne in adult women 

Treatments for severe acne in adults have a number of side effects. Redness appears, the skin dries out and becomes hypersensitive. This increase in sensitivity affects quality of life to such an extent that some patients prefer to forgo their treatment.

Avène Thermal Spring Water is a soothing ally for acne-prone skin and will reduce redness and discomfort in one simple step, without drying out the skin. All this in one simple step? That's great news!


The sun: the other enemy of adult acne-prone skin

Moderate sun exposure is good for your mood. But when it’s intense, it’s very harmful to the skin. For adult acne-prone skin, for example: if the pimples seem to disappear in the sun, you should know that this is only temporary. They will come back stronger as soon as the sun's rays are less intense and the skin, which has thickened under the effect of the sun, has regained its usual thickness. 

Other harmful effects of the sun: it accentuates signs of ageing and leaves small brown spots in place of acne scars. On a daily basis, opt for a day cream with built-in sun protection. And when exposed to intense sunlight, apply high level (SPF 50+) and broad spectrum (anti-UVA and UVB) sun protection, especially if you're on an anti-acne treatment. Some of these treatments do not mix well with the sun.

Common misconceptions: sun and acne

The right things to do to care for adult acne-prone skin

Adult acne-prone skin has characteristics more or less similar to teenage acne-prone skin. But everything lies in that "more or less": some products designed for teenagers might be suitable for adults, but not others. To make sure you're on the right track, choose products formulated specifically for adult acne!

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