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How do you combat décolletage wrinkles?

The skin of the décolletage is particularly thin and fragile... and it shows! Over time, the sun and the "bad" sleeping positions accelerate its aging and give it a wrinkled appearance. How can this be avoided? How can this be mitigated? In short, how do you keep your cleavage looking good?

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How décolletage wrinkles are formed 

Why is the skin of the décolletage thin and fragile? Because unlike other parts of the body, it does not have any protective and moisturizing fatty tissue. As a result, it wrinkles more quickly. In addition, we often forget about the décolletage in our daily moisturizing routine and we don't protect it enough from its main enemy, the sun!
It is the main cause of the vertical and oblique wrinkles that appear between the breasts and spread out like a fan. Your sleeping position can also make neckline wrinkles more visible. Sleeping on your side causes them to become deeper.
What are the enemies of the skin?

Décolletage wrinkles: moisturise and protect

How to act on the main aging accelerator of the décolletage? By adopting a sun protection habit as soon as it is not covered by clothing, even for a springtime lunch on the terrace. In case of prolonged exposure, opt for a high-protection formula and remember to reapply every two hours.
On a daily basis, moisturizing is the key to keeping your décolletage beautiful. No need to invest in a specific product: simply spread your anti-wrinkle treatment down to the neck, then the décolletage.

Prevent skin aging

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Extending the application of your anti-wrinkle care products down the décolletage is a start. But it’s better to choose the right ones!

To avoid accentuating décolletage wrinkles, it is best to sleep on your back. Moreover, it’s during the night that the skin regenerates the best. So after your evening make-up removal, apply a smoothing and plumping serum to your face and apply it all the way down to your décolletage. Next, apply a smoothing balm with a light, comforting texture that melts naturally into the skin. The combination of these treatments ensures that you wake up to rested skin, smoother features and reduced wrinkles. 


Here are some self-massage techniques to reduce the appearance of décolletage wrinkles


Smoothing out wrinkles on the décolletage

To boost the effect of these treatments on your décolletage, hold each of the wrinkles between your index and middle fingers, then smooth them with the tip of the other index finger, from the bottom to the top and from the inside to the outside of the décolletage.

Pinching wrinkles on the décolletage

You can also opt for the Jacquet pinch technique: this involves pinching the wrinkles of the décolletage with the thumb and forefinger and moving up along each of them. This time it should be done on clean, dry skin.

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