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Post-cancer dermo-cosmetic treatments

Dermo-cosmetic treatments are offered in addition to hydrotherapy treatments as part of the Avène Hydrotherapy Center treatment programme. Highly moisturising, they improve skin comfort after cancer treatment.

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Cancer treatments: how can dermo-cosmetic hydrotherapy treatments help?

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and targeted therapies often dry out and sensitise patients’ skin, which can lead to cracking, hyperkeratosis and other redness. During an Avène hydrotherapy treatment, the main active ingredient used is thermal spring water with soothing and anti-irritating properties. Although hydrotherapy is the main part of the treatment, dermo-cosmetic treatments can also be added. On the doctor's prescription, body modelling massage, body wraps, as well as scalp and facial treatments can be added to the treatment programme. These hydrating dermatological treatments further soften, nourish and smooth skin that has been damaged by cancer treatments.

Body modelling massage: gently reconnect with your body

After chemotherapy or radiotherapy, the skin is stressed. It needs gentle care and nourishment. Carried out with an emollient balm or a body oil depending on the skin's needs, the body modelling massage offered in the Avène Hydrotherapy Center treatment programme comforts the skin and promotes well-being for the patient. Using gentle smoothing motions and strokes, this relaxing modelling massage combines skincare and muscle relaxation, allowing the body and mind to relax completely. This emollient and moisturising treatment soothes, protects and beautifies the skin by relieving tension in the body.

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As a prescribing doctor, I can only see “pluses” for those who are lucky enough to benefit from a cure at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center... The effectiveness of the programmes has been demonstrated by numerous clinical studies. Let’s not forget the very positive opinions expressed by the hydrotherapy patients themselves. To take part in an Avène treatment programme is to rebuild oneself by finding calm and peace of mind, serenity and tranquillity. For your skin and for yourself.

A deep treatment for a soothed face

To restore comfort and radiance to the skin on your face, an emollient treatment in the form of a modelling massage with the application of a compress is offered during the Avène hydrotherapy treatment programme.

Facial care

The gentle facial modelling massage treatment begins with gentle smoothing motions using a cream for very sensitive skin such as Tolérance Control. The treatment, combined with the gentle massage, boosts the skin’s suppleness. It offers a real moment of relaxation, beneficial for the body and the mind.

The value of compresses

For even more intense soothing, a compress of thermal spring water is applied directly to the face, without removing the cream applied generously during the treatment. The combination of the modelling massage and the application of the compress provides the skin with maximum hydration. It is durably soothed.


Combating dry skin during cancer treatment


For hyperkeratosis, use wraps

When the skin becomes extremely dry following cancer treatment, hyperkeratosis may develop. To fight this thickening of the corneal layer or severe dryness, a wrap is the ideal dermo-cosmetic treatment. Covered with a generous layer of emollient, the hydrotherapy patient is then wrapped in plastic film for 45 minutes to 1 hour. This treatment enhances the effects of the hydrotherapy treatment programme and provides great comfort by intensely softening and moisturising the skin. Usually, the thermal doctor prescribes three sessions spread out during the stay at the Avène Hydrotherapy Center.

Relieving itching during cancer treatment 

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For a soothed scalp, apply emollient with your fingertips

Moisturizing the scalp and loosening skin flakes to limit scratching, soothe itching and relieve irritation: this is the objective of this targeted dermo-cosmetic treatment. It is recommended for people who have been treated for cancer who have dry, uncomfortable scalps. The emollient is applied with small circular massages of the fingertips, directly onto the scalp, and in sections, in the case of long hair. Then, a full scalp massage is given to relax the patient. For even better results, the emollient should be left on for three hours or overnight and then removed with a gentle shampoo.

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