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How do you combat deep wrinkles on the face?

How do you fight back in the face of wrinkles that are becoming more pronounced? It’s true that with time, some wrinkles become deeper, especially expression lines. Rest assured, you can do something about it. How? Here is our advice.

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How do deep wrinkles appear? 

Between the eyebrows (the famous frown lines), on the outer corner of the eyes (crow's feet) and from the wings of the nose to the corners of the mouth, these deep wrinkles are a reflection of your character. And for good reason: by dint of repetition, your laughter, your frowns, in short, your expression lines are imprinted on your face. 

Why? Partly due to the loss of skin firmness and elasticity, with a natural loss of collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, over time. 

Of course, you don’t have to stop laughing. On the contrary, there are other solutions available to you. 
Reduce forehead wrinkles

FRIENDLY (AND EXPERT) ADVICE The sun, your false friend

In the summer, the sun's UV rays give your skin an attractive tanned look. On the other hand, the sun also accelerates the skin's aging process and encourages the formation of deep wrinkles. 

Let’s get technical: exposure to the sun breaks down the connective tissue – the collagen and elastin fibres – that are found in the deepest layer of the skin (dermis).

So you’ve got it now: preventing deep wrinkles requires good sun protection. But also proper hydration. Moisturising your face after each exposure will delay skin aging... and prolong your tan! 
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How to diminish deep wrinkles?


Our solutions for deep wrinkles

Deep wrinkles can't be treated like your very first fine lines. Fortunately, there are dermo-cosmetic products specially designed to reduce the appearance of existing wrinkles and gently prevent future ones. The programme includes a serum, a day treatment and a night-time filler treatment, rich in anti-aging active ingredients (hyaluronic acid, collagen). The serum will plump up your skin. The day and night treatments will smooth and tighten the skin and restore its firmness. 

Don't forget your eyes

We often forget that eye wrinkles, which are not very noticeable at first, can gradually become deeper and give your eyes a tired look. An effective eye care product must contain different types of active ingredients: 
moisturising, such as hyaluronic acid; soothing, such as thermal spring water. As well as draining, depuffing or anti-aging active ingredients, such as vitamin C or E. 

Facial yoga! 

Are you interested in simple gestures to reduce the depth of wrinkles in a few minutes? A small daily facial exercise routine can help you smooth out your features naturally: 
• For frown lines, while frowning, apply upward pressure with the index and middle fingers on the tip of the eyebrows.
• For wrinkles from the nose to the corner of the mouth, open your mouth wide. This will exert tension on the wings of the nose and erase the folds.
• What about forehead wrinkles? Using finger pressure, stretch the muscles of the forehead upwards. 
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Are there any aesthetic treatments for deep wrinkles?

When it comes to fighting deep wrinkles, many of us ask the same question: what about cosmetic medicine? It’s true that for some years now, it has been making many promises of diminishing these grooves, without having to resort to surgery. 

Well, hyaluronic acid injections can be recommended to fill in wrinkles directly. Botulinum toxin (Botox) is also a solution. Other procedures include peels to stimulate dermal regeneration and micro-lipofilling to restore skin thickness and suppleness. 

The main concern, however, is that while the results may meet expectations, they are not permanent. Additional sessions will be needed...
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