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Skin barrier and thermal spring water

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What is the skin barrier?

Have you just tried a new cosmetic product and your skin starts to sting? Are you on public transport, at the office or with friends, and suddenly redness appears on your face? Your skin has just reacted to an aggressor. These sensations are a real nuisance for people with intolerant and hyper-reactive skin. Especially as these reactions are unpredictable! To quickly soothe this irritation, you can adopt a few simple practices.


What happens if this barrier no longer does its job?

When the skin barrier is weakened, its protective role is weakened and it is no longer able to maintain adequate moisture levels. In addition, inflammation of the skin may occur due to a reaction of the cutaneous sensory neurons, which are responsible for hypersensitivity.

The skin then reacts to everything. It seems distraught. It has a lower tolerance threshold and reacts abnormally to very mild stresses such as temperature variations, pollution, stress and emotions. In concrete terms, this sensitivity manifests itself in the form of recurrent redness and unpleasant sensations such as tingling, tightness or hot flushes that your usual moisturising cosmetic products are unable to soothe.


How do you protect and strengthen the skin barrier?

Avène thermal spring water has the power to soothe sensitive skin naturally. Its low minerality and the presence of silica give it an exceptional softness. 

In addition to its mineral signature, the water has a unique microflora, which has been used to develop anti-itching, repairing and soothing post-biotic active ingredients. All of this works together with our own cells to strengthen the skin barrier and more generally the balance of our skin.


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