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Caring for reactive skin

A flushed face, tight, tingling skin... An unsuitable cosmetic, and your skin feels more attacked than soothed. To properly cleanse and protect your skin each day, you need to find products that are suitable for your hypersensitivity, for an effective beauty and skincare routine that you can rely on!


How do you choose the right formula for hypersensitive skin?

Preservatives, essential oils, fragrances... Many substances are potentially irritating to the skin. This can cause tingling or tightness, or even redness. In the case of an allergic reaction, this can even lead to the appearance of a blotchy skin rash.

To avoid unpleasant skin reactions and at the same time benefit from optimal protection and real soothing, it is important to choose a skincare product with the right formula.

The most suitable solution for hypersensitive skin is Sterile Cosmetics®. Because this means formulas without any preservatives or fragrances, in perfectly hermetically sealed packaging, avoiding any risk of contamination. The products are composed of only the ingredients that are essential for the skin. Cleansing lotion, cream, mask... There are different Sterile Cosmetics® products for all needs.

Redness and rosacea

Choose a gentle, suitable product

To safely cleanse your skin, we recommend using a cleansing lotion formulated to meet the requirements of hypersensitive skin. It should have a pleasant texture and be easy to apply, for gentle cleansing. Opting for a leave-on formula will prevent you from rinsing your face with running water, and thus having to deal with the effects of limescale on your skin.

The cleansing product should be composed of a minimum of ingredients to limit the risk of reaction, and chosen for their effectiveness and high tolerance.

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The best practices for protected skin

Your skin cleansing routine is repeated every morning and evening. The steps must be gentle to respect the hypersensitivity of your skin. To avoid any discomfort, the trick is to apply make-up remover with your fingertips, gently massaging the skin. If you need to remove the excess, you can do so gently with a tissue. You can also soak a cotton pad in thermal spring water and then use make-up remover. This softens the cotton fibres and guarantees a feeling of freshness!

Caring for reactive skin

How do you moisturise intolerant skin?

Choosing the right moisturiser

Hypersensitive skin is often thin and dehydrated. Moisturising well is therefore essential!
As with the cleansing lotion, your moisturising cream or balm should follow two criteria to respect your skin's hypersensitivity. Its texture must be comfortable, for an immediate feeling of well-being. Your skincare product should also have a formula suitable for hypersensitive skin to ensure high tolerance.

Additional steps for long-lasting hydration

For optimal hydration and protection of your skin, you can apply other products too. We recommend, for example, that you regularly apply a mask to durably soothe your skin. However, the most important thing is to always choose cosmetics with a simple formula suitable for hypersensitive skin.



Hypersensitive skin and make-up, are possible if...

Intolerant skin is not incompatible with make-up. Even if your skin is easily irritated or reacts strongly to certain aggressors, you can apply make-up while respecting your skin's hypersensitivity.

To do this, you need to carefully choose your make-up products and apply them gently to your face, using a foundation sponge for example.

To moisturise your skin and protect it effectively, you should apply your moisturising cream or balm as a make-up base. This will give make you feel good throughout the day!

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