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SensiCure: the tailor-made programme for redness

Combating redness is not easy. To give yourself the best chance of success in this battle, nothing beats tailor-made treatments and the support of experts in the field of sensitive skin. That's why the Avène Hydrotherapy Center offers SensiCure, a personalised dermo-cosmetic treatment programme, which is adapted to the unique needs of your skin. Trust the pros to combat redness!

SensiCure, a new (long-term) solution for redness

SensiCure is a new treatment programme offered by the Avène Hydrotherapy Center The aim? To put the expertise of Avène's dermatological thermalism at the disposal of fragile, sensitive and redness-prone skin. During a stay totally dedicated to their skin care and well-being, SensiCurists have access to:

  • The support of a team of experts in sensitive skin
  • Numerous treatments using the recognised virtues of Avène thermal spring water

  • State of the art equipment
  • A soothing living environment in the heart of the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park
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A personalised care programme

One of the main advantages of SensiCure is that it offers a fully personalised treatment programme to combine effectiveness and pleasure. The duration of the stay varies according to the needs and constraints of each person, so that you can enjoy a special moment in complete serenity.
Whether you suffer from rosacea or your skin reddens at the slightest opportunity due to increased sensitivity, SensiCure adapts to the demands of your skin. Several hydrotherapy and dermo-cosmetic treatments are carefully selected for each person, such as the hydromassage bath, the application of soothing thermal spring water compresses, a soothing and moisturising mask or body wrap.


Workshops to better understand reactive skin

Rosacea and temporary redness often have a real impact on self-confidence. This aspect is taken well into account by the SensiCure team, who offer thematic workshops to help you acquire all the key knowledge so that you can cope better with your redness. The various experts offer, for example, workshops on corrective make-up, image consultancy, or advice on well-being and relaxation.

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How does SensiCure work?

SensiCure begins with a dermatological consultation, which allows us to understand the needs of your skin and to develop a tailor-made treatment plan. This programme is validated by a doctor. The days are then divided between personalised care and workshops. These give you all the key knowledge to soothe and protect your skin, reduce and conceal redness and, therefore, improve your quality of life by the end of the stay. The programme, carried out under dermatological control, will also allow you to take care of your body and your scalp, for optimal results. After a few days taking part in SensiCure, everyone starts off on the right foot, with soothed skin.

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Avène thermal spring water, at the heart of SensiCure

With its unique composition rich in silicates and trace elements, Avène thermal spring water has many benefits recognised in France and internationally. It can soften and soothe sensitive skin suffering from redness. The effectiveness of the treatments offered by SensiCure is largely based on its therapeutic properties. These properties are preserved thanks to the continuous work of scientists who ensure the purity of this water.

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