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Caring for sensitive skin

Cold stings your face, your skin reacts after applying a cream, redness suddenly appears when you're stressed... Leave these unpleasant moments behind you and find comfort by choosing adapted skincare products and discovering the right habits to adopt in your daily routine. Here are our tips for soothing the most sensitive, and therefore demanding, skin.

How to cleanse sensitive skin 

The first step in restoring comfort when you have sensitive skin is to adopt the right facial cleansing routine. This is a skincare step that is repeated every day, so it is essential to avoid anything that might irritate your sensitive skin when cleansing:

  • Use lukewarm water to wash your face and body; water that is too hot increases the sensitivity and reactivity of sensitive skin.
  • Limit the use of tap water for rinsing the sensitive skin on your face, as the chlorine and limescale it contains can irritate it.
  • Use thermal spring water spray instead.

  • Avoid the use of cleansing sponges or flannels, as these can contain bacteria that can damage the skin.
  • Gently dab your skin dry, never rub it.
  • Make sure you wash your hands before using your skincare products, for safe application.
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Which cosmetic products should you choose for sensitive skin? Keep it simple!

“ Better to do too much than not enough ”: beware, this proverb does not apply to sensitive skin at all! The more cosmetics you apply to your skin, the more likely you are to irritate it. We, therefore, advise you to use a reasonable number of cosmetics and to avoid testing new products too often before you have found a skincare routine that reduces your skin's sensitivity for lasting comfort.


Make-up for sensitive skin is possible!

Having sensitive skin doesn't mean you have to banish foundation or lipstick from your dressing table. You just need to choose the right products for a successful and non-aggressive beauty routine. You should use make-up for sensitive skin, with a hypoallergenic composition, to avoid exposing yourself to an irritating substance. It is also important to be gentle when applying make-up. Avoid rubbing your skin, and apply your fluid foundation or compact cream by tapping and smoothing.

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