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The permanent redness of couperose skin

Couperose skin... A nice name for a condition that is often difficult to live with. Couperose skin is where fine red or purple blood vessels appear on the face. This localised redness is permanent and can be a real nuisance. The better you understand this condition, the better you can deal with it.

Why do I have blotchy skin?

When your skin turns red, it is because your blood vessels are dilating. Normally, this dilation is only temporary, and the redness disappears when the vessels return to normal. If you suffer from rosacea, and more specifically couperose skin, small blood vessels on your face remain “ swollen ”. They then become obvious and can be seen with the naked eye on the skin. This condition affects hypersensitive skin, which already tends to blush suddenly and excessively at the slightest irritation. In recent years, specialists have identified other causes, such as inflammation related to immune deficiencies.

A Healthy skin
B Couperose skin

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What triggers couperose skin?

Couperose skin can be triggered and promoted by various internal and external factors. Knowing these factors will help you better understand your skin and its reactions:

  • Food: redness can be caused by food that’s too spicy or too hot, as well as alcoholic drinks
  • The outdoor environment: a cold wind or prolonged exposure to the sun can put a strain on hypersensitive skin
  • Unsuitable cosmetics: some products contain ingredients that may not be well-tolerated by your skin, others do not contain the active ingredients needed to soothe it properly
  • Taking corticosteroids: this type of treatment can cause blood vessels to dilate and make your skin more fragile

Couperose skin

Can you combat couperose skin?

Rest assured, there are solutions for dealing with couperose skin. The redness is not inevitable, you can put in place from now on concrete actions which will allow you to feel better with and in your skin:

• Opt for cosmetics formulated with the right ingredients: skincare products for sensitive skin prone to redness contain active ingredients capable of reducing the dilation of blood vessels while soothing and protecting your skin
• Limit the risk of irritation: use gentle motions and avoid rubbing when cleaning or removing make-up from your face

• Protect yourself from your external environment: UV rays, cold wind, hot air, hard water, etc.; there are so many aggressors that your skin can be sensitive to, so take care to protect the skin on your face
• Avoid spices and alcohol: certain foods and drinks will contribute to the appearance of redness on the skin, so adapt your diet to your sensitivity
• Make-up to correct: specific make-up products can be used to conceal local redness on the face, such as a green corrector stick (this colour helps to neutralise the redness of your skin), complemented by a suitable foundation to cover and even out the complexion.


A few words from our expert

There are various medical and dermatological treatments for couperose skin, such as a vascular laser. We advise you to consult a dermatologist who will be able to diagnose the condition precisely and propose the most appropriate treatment.

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