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Benefits of SensiCure

Do you want to take time to look after yourself and your skin? To soothe it and strengthen its defences against aggressions, all sensitive skin deserves tailor-made care. With this in mind, the experts at the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre have created SensiCure, a dermo-cosmetic treatment dedicated to sensitive skin.

Everything to take care of sensitive skin

Even if your skin does not suffer from a condition, it can be fragile, hypersensitive and react abnormally. These sensations are there. In creating SensiCure, the objective of the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre is above all to help people with sensitive skin, by allowing them to benefit from all the advantages of Avène Thermal Spring Water. This new thermal method allows you to benefit from: 

  • the expertise of a specialised and experienced team 
  • state-of-the-art infrastructure and equipment, in a privileged setting surrounded by nature 

  • the recognised virtues of Avène thermal spring water 
  • care and cosmetics specially developed for sensitive skin 
  • a tailor-made format different from the classic treatment, with a duration adapted to your needs and constraints
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I am so satisfied with this treatment that I plan to do it again next year. In addition to physical well-being, there is a feeling of peace and quiet generated by the organisation and professionalism of the staff.



Avène: a hydrotherapy centre that has proven itself 

Sensitive skin is likely to rebel at the slightest bit of friction. To prevent irritation, you can adopt a few easy habits. For example, when drying your skin, we recommend that you avoid rubbing and instead gently pat it. If your skin is very sensitive, apply cosmetics gently, tapping or smoothing with your fingertips on your face and neck, and using large smoothing strokes on your body with the entire surface of your hands. Always be careful to avoid rapid rubbing with your fingertips, which increases the sensitivity of your skin.




Sensicure: personalised support

Sensicure offers a tailor-made treatment programme for effective care. As soon as you arrive, a dermatological consultation allows us to draw up a programme adapted to the sensitivity of your skin, which is validated by a doctor. Everything is examined under the microscope, from your beauty routine to your allergies or intolerances, including the discomfort you feel. Each treatment is then perfectly adapted to your skin's needs, whether it's a hydromassage bath, a gentle scrub, a moisturising mask or a body wrap. 

It's important to take care of the sensitive skin on the face, but also on the body and even the scalp. The strength of the SensiCure also lies in its comprehensive approach, which will allow you to emerge fully regenerated from these few days spent in the Avène Hydrotherapy Centre. 

The benefits of SensiCure 

  • A programme that helps soothe and calm sensitive skin types, thanks to numerous treatments designed with Avène thermal spring water, rich in natural active ingredients. 
  • Treatments that help to reinforce the skin's natural defences, allowing it to start off again on the right foot, and workshops that give you all the keys to create an effective daily care routine. 
  • A privileged setting and space for exchange, in which we listen to your needs, allowing you to let go and fully relax. 
  • Advice to boost your self-confidence, thanks to numerous workshops allowing you to take back your skin, such as those dedicated to corrective or anti-ageing make-up and image advice. 

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