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Soothing gestures

Your skin is sometimes abused by daily life and it lets you know by tingling, tightness or even flushing... These unpleasant sensations return regularly and you are looking for solutions to find more comfort... But it doesn't have to be that way! Here are our practical tips for soothing your sensitive skin, for the long term.


Use thermal spring water in your skin care routine

Water is an integral part of a skin care routine. You should therefore pay attention to the quality of the water you use every day to refresh or cleanse your sensitive skin. Tap water should be avoided as much as possible, as it may be high in calcium and chlorine, which can sensitise and irritate the skin. The ideal solution is to use thermal spring water instead to complete the cleansing of your skin. Its natural composition, known for its softness and soothing action, is perfectly suited to sensitive skin. It is therefore a real daily ally, to be used in sprays to rinse your skin, to set your make-up (yes, it works), or in soaked compresses to relieve irritation.

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Choose clean and appropriate cosmetics

To make sure you're using cosmetics that are suitable for your skin, look for minimalist formulas specifically formulated for sensitive skin. A “simple formula” doesn't mean an “ineffective product”—quite the opposite. Cleansing, moisturising, soothing... Each cosmetic product adapted to sensitive skin is made up of ingredients carefully chosen to fulfil a specific mission, which makes it all the more effective. 

Adopt the right cleansing gestures 

Cleansing the face is a key step for sensitive skin. Here are some simple but effective tips for gentle cleansing that respect your skin's sensitivity: 

  • Apply a cleansing lotion with your fingertips to remove impurities and make-up; 
  • Remove the lotion with cotton pads soaked in thermal spring water to soften the fibres, or with reusable wipes; 
  • Finish with a generous spray of thermal spring water to soothe the skin lastingly. 
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Adopt gentle gestures 

Sensitive skin is likely to rebel at the slightest bit of friction. To prevent irritation, you can adopt a few easy habits. For example, when drying your skin, we recommend that you avoid rubbing and instead gently pat it. If your skin is very sensitive, apply cosmetics gently, tapping or smoothing with your fingertips on your face and neck, and using large smoothing strokes on your body with the entire surface of your hands. Always be careful to avoid rapid rubbing with your fingertips, which increases the sensitivity of your skin. 

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Deeply moisturise for comfortable skin

From dry to oily skin, all skin types need daily moisturising to strengthen their defences. A light emulsion, a rich cream, a moisturising mask... In any case, you should choose moisturising products adapted to your skin type to lastingly hydrate it and limit the risks of discomfort such as tightness or tingling. 

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